A community devoted to new service members and their families

Guidance for Parents

For the past ten years Our Community Salutes(“OCS”) has sought to help new service members and their parents successfully transition into the military. Surveys of parents attending ceremonies indicate that they seek additional knowledge so they can provide guidance to their children in the use of military education benefits and managing their personal finances.

The goal of OCS Connect is to provide early guidance and education for these topics since approximately 75% of new high school enlistees will serve only one tour of duty, which typically range from 48 to 60 months. Partnering with OCS Connect, are three universities and a financial institution that will provide a series of educational articles, “Meet the Expert” Webinars, parent training coaching tips and interactive forums that will benefit parents. You are invited to take advantage of these resources as OCS-Connect wants parents to be equipped with the tools to assist your children.